New quality standard being developed for vanishing spray

Fifa Quality Standard

Vanishing spray is set to become the latest equipment to be incorporated into FIFA’s Quality Programme, with the final touches currently being put to the certification and licensing process.

FIFA, together with The International Football Association Board (IFAB), is inviting producers of vanishing spray to take part in an informative meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, this September to discuss the establishment of a FIFA standard specifically for this product. During the meeting, details on the quality criteria, certification process and licensing process will be presented. It follows on from extensive testing by an independent test institute, as well as an analysis of the use of vanishing spray at recent FIFA tournaments.

Vanishing spray is used by match officials to mark a line on which the defending team must position its defensive wall before a free kick is taken, clearly indicating any attempted encroachment by players to narrow the angle or affect the taking of the free kick. The innovative tool has been welcomed by match officials and teams alike since its introduction, which came about after the necessary approval by football’s rule-making body, The IFAB, in March 2012.

The IFAB subsequently provided FIFA with the mandate for the development of a FIFA Quality Programme for vanishing spray, similar to those already in place for goal-line technology, footballs and football turf. The Quality Programme was introduced in 1996 (formerly the “FIFA Quality Concept”) and has helped to set the industry standard for quality and reliability in the areas where they matter to football players most: the equipment, surface, technology and services used for their game.

Companies interested in participating in the meeting can contact The invitation is only open to producers of vanishing spray products.

Further details on the launch of the FIFA Quality Programme for vanishing spray will be provided in due course.