After 8 weeks of ‘Corona Lockdown’ in Belgium, we are relieved that this period has come to an end. 

These were/are uncertain weeks with many questions about health, the economy, etc..

For weeks where we were worried about our family and our friends, although weeks who were very eventful for Expo-Line, we thought about the future (new innovations), we provided solutions to take care of our clients in the best possible way.

Our favourite sport, football, is touched and hurt at all levels.
Some professional football competitions are stopped and will not restart, like in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Amateur and youth football will be inactive for months.

Now there is more control over the COVID 19 virus, we can also look bright to the future...


Our restart is a fact, we are back in business and driven to serve you in the best possible way.

As of today we can bring the Vanishing Spray back to the customer.
The quality and service of Expo-Line Vanishing Spray is once again a guarantee for the coming football season.

Expo-Line Vanishing Spray is OPEN!

Frank De Bleeckere